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by anonymous
I have a RUT955 and am intending it for RV mobile use. I also want to connect my Yaesu Musen Wires-X software for digital communications. It specifically requires ports 46100,46110,46112,46114,46120 and 46122 to be open. On previous hotspots and home routers I have used the UPnP function & port forwards from a static IP address.

I can't see a UPnP function in the general settings and nor can I get the port forwarding to work. An open port check shows no packets getting in or out of the firewall or from wan to lan side.

Any advice on setting the port forward correctly or using UPnP would be gratefully received.

1 Answer

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by anonymous
by anonymous
I have understood that UPnP is an additional package and have also located the package I need. Can you tell me how to load this onto the router as it will not work as an upload on the firmware page. Therror code is "The uploaded image file does notcontain a supported format".

I'm guessing there must be another way.

All the while this router cannot perform this forwarding function it is no value for the Emcomm repeater network it was supposed to help.

All advise to get this working would be greatly appreciated.
by anonymous
OK. Re-installed firmware and have now found packet manager. Thankyou. Will try and configure.