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by anonymous

F/w: RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.6. The router is set to auto reboot at 23:30 hours daily.

I am trying to monitor the mobile usage on our fleet of RUT955 routers and correlate (roughly) with daily mobile usage from our SIM provider, to see which apps/LAN devices are using the Internet connection the most. I have tcpdump running and writing to a logfile on an SD card /mnt/sda1, which gives very detailed usage. 

I have written some Python scripts that pull the data usage from the RUT955 via Modbus on an hourly basis. However, these figures are much lower than the bytes received/sent on the status view.

Mobile data received today (SIM1) 185 186 2 32 bit unsigned integer
Mobile data sent today (SIM1) 187 188 2 32 bit unsigned integer

What is the best way to get a true total rx/tx bytes sent on the mobile connection, per day?

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by anonymous


For this approach of yours try using mdcollectdctl you can find more information in this link: RUT955 Mobile Traffic (legacy WebUI) - Teltonika Networks Wiki ( And also the database of the total mobile data usage is stored in /tmp/mdcollectctld.db maybe it will help you if you get the database file for mobile data usage manually. 

I hope it helps