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by anonymous

Trying to setup Wireguard - Windows server at home and RUT360 on 4G (non public IP)

This is my Window server - looks okay (public IP and port forwarding done) - ignore the second peer 

But minimal data being transferred so not sure it's setup correctly.. I can't ping the RUT360 from the Windows PC and although I have setup a forward from port 1111 (Wireguard) to (local webpage) I can't reach it - am I missing something?

by anonymous


Could you please generate a troubleshoot file from your router and attach it to this query or send it to me via private message? I'll leave instructions regarding how to generate the troubleshoot file as well as brief description about what it is below.

What's a troubleshoot file and how to generate it?

A Troubleshoot file contains the device's event logs, configuration files and other information useful for diagnostics. It can be downloaded from your device's WebUI, Troubleshoot page:

System → Administration → Troubleshoot

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by anonymous
So RUT is out of the public IP and starts the handshake to your Windows server - right?