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This is full output, then command hangs.
Both sims were fully functional in 00.06-release.
This is after fresh firmware upgrade without keeping config.
While logread shows some output at router-start, the below command does not show anything more from the log.

root@Teltonika-RUT955:~# sim_switch change sim2
Starting sim_switch...
Initializing uloop...
Connecting to ubus...
Reading configuration...

( Sending sms with switch_sim is working. )

And 2nd question: Which command I could use to get currently used sim-tray?

Many thx for your help,
Best regards,
--- seems 2. question is fully misunderstood, please read comment below  ---

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The command to see the status of the network interfaces is "cat /etc/config/network" and the one that the router is using to get a connection with the internet should be the one with the lowest metric. Also, you can use  "cat /etc/config/simcard" to see extra information about the simcard configuration, like which slot is configured as the primary one.

The issue with the sim switch command has been noted and a workaround to this command is to use the following command: "ubus call sim change". 

Also, you can use the command "ubus call network.interface.mobXs1a1 status" to get information about the network interfaces of the router. 



Great. That's it.

"ubus call network.interface.mob1sXa1 status" shows which sim is active :-)

Many thx :-)


Our experiments show that ubus call sim get work in both v6 and v7. 

root@VPN087:~# cat /etc/version


root@VPN087:~# ubus call sim get


        "sim": 2



root@Teltonika-RUT955:~# cat /etc/version


root@Teltonika-RUT955:~# ubus call sim get


        "sim": 1



However we are still trying to find a way to switch sim that works in both v6 and v7. Is this possible? 
For v6 this works:
sim_switch change sim1
But this fails in v7. And for v7 we can use:
ubus call sim change
But in v6 this takes the device offline for >10 minutes and sim is not switched, probably due to sim failover.


The bug that is causing the command "sim_switch change sim1" to not work has been noted by us and the R&D team, so this should be fixed by a future firmware release but at the moment there is no date for this. 

Many thx :-)
Is `sim_switch change sim2` etc working yet as of firmware RUTX_R_00.07.02.2 ?