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by anonymous
I manage a RUTX11 on a remote site that is without power from 0000 to 0600 each day. It's been perfect for 6 months.

After the overnight change to BST on 27 March I got a text message warning from the RUTX11 that the data allowance (100Gb) had been exceeded. It hasn't - it had used <50Gb on 26 March. The month configured month date reset is also 27 of the month: the count should have gone back to zero.

I can't check the settings until I visit in person - fortunately in a few days - because it's disabled data, but I can tell it's connected to the 4g network via text message status requests. Seems to be a bug.

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by anonymous


If you did a Time Zone change, it’s possible that might have created a conflict with the ongoing data collecting. Please press the “Clear collected data” button to reset the data count. You can check the options to configure the mobile data limit on the wiki page:

RUT955 Interfaces - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

by anonymous
Thanks - I hadn't changed Time Zone recently (ie since installation): a clock change (to BST=GMT+1) _due_ to the Time Zone occurred in the UK at 0100 on 27/3 when the modem was switched off. The data reset date was also 27th month. When it switched on at 6 am on the 27th I got a warning text message and nothing more until today. (Text message commands still worked - there was clearly still a strong 4g signal.)

The modem has started communicating again today after 3 days of data silence. I've turned off the data limit - I don't trust it and I can't have this happening again.
Despite having a reset day of 27, all the on-screen month stats seem based on day of month rather than days since data count reset so it's all a little muddled and meaningless anyway. The data usage figure was essentially the same as the when I last saw it on 26 March, so the modem was definitely mistaken, even if the clock change is a coincidence.