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I use the VPN HUB to connect multiple routers.
However, it is not possible to connect to all of them.

This is the set up I am using.

Server IP:
Server submast:

Device 1:
Rutx08 -> Router:, subnet, DHCP - 19
Behind this 1 device with ip address:

Device 2:
Rutx09 -> Router:, subnet, DHCP - 19
Behind this 1 device with ip address:

User 1:
Fixt ip (this is a server that needs to contact the other devices)

I created the routes in the hub. and the LAN checked at the clients

Route info: - - Device 1 - - Device 2

If I'm on User 1's Server, I can find Device 1 (ping success)
But Device 2 is not reachable. (ping: Destination port unreachable)

Now I want to connect many more routers to the VPN HUB in this way, so I would like to know what I am doing wrong.

1 Answer

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This is a IP conflict/routing issue. Your RUTX08 and RUTX09 use identical subnets -, for DMVPN configuration with multiple spokes you need to place each router into unique subnet, e.g.:


RUTX08 Spoke1 - OK

RUTX09 Spoke2 - Not OK because this subnet is already used by RUTX08, change it to another subnet e.g.:

edit: I've noticed that you've mentioned that there are and routes so in theory that should be ok. To determine cause of the issue could you download troubleshoots from your RUTX08/09 System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot and PM it to me?