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by anonymous
Hi There,

I bought my RUT955 2 weeks a go, and im struggling already 2 weeks!

I hope someone can please help me?!

My set up is like this:

I have a RUT955 connected to a pinting Mimo 3 V2-15

I set the RUT955 as an accespoint.

To try the wifi connection near my house i wanted to test the connection. So i made a Client in the RUT955 with my home wifi network, like the tutorioal Wifi as WWAN. Set the accespoint as

When i test the connection speed of the wifi ( my home network ) it does not come over 5 mbit :/

When i test the same Wifi connection, at the same position, without the RUT955, the connection is 50mbit

I searched for all the different settings, did some resets, but nothing works. i hope someone can please help me.

I use it for my camper, and i know that most situations you use a 4G SIM. But just wanted to check the WIFI connection.

So if Im on a campsite, and want to get the WIFI from the Campsite in the camper, do i use the right settings.

Most strange is that when using the network directly the connection is great, no other device or things. Same laptop connected to the first LAN port of the RUT955.

I hope somebody can help me.



1 Answer

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by anonymous

Teltonika is aware of the issue described, when a RUT9 series devices are used for WiFi WAN connections and then also as a WiFi access point for your devices.

Our RnD team is solving this issue and a solution will be provided with future firmware releases.


by anonymous
Dear Paulius,

Oke so good to hear that its not some wrong settings. But its not a really satisfying answer to be honest. Because i just bought the Router 14 days ago and now on a holiday trip, the device for me at this point is not working well for me ( as WIFI ). When the problem is solved is not answered in your reply, and that is really important for me. Otherwise i need to choose to bring back the device and choose another device. after 30 days i cannot bring back the device to the store.

So please let me know when there will be an update, an also if its gonna be fixed for 100% that is important for me. I also want a reaction that if the bug will not be fixed after the 14 days ( so my 30 days bring back warranty ) i can still bring back the device.

I hope to hear that the fix will me online asap, but otherwise i need a different answer, i hope you understand my point.

regards Leon
by anonymous
I could not really tell you when the issue will be solved and I can give no time estimations.