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by anonymous
Hi community,

I set up hotspot service (captive portal) for RUT240

Then I can use mobile to access RUT240 wifi and access log in page. After log in, I can connect to internet (my RUT240 has 4G sim)

IP of my mobile = (set up from hotspot:

Now I want to link my mobile IP to LAN network (from LAN port) with IP =

Is there any way to do this ?

If I set up hotspot with IP, the captive portal does not work

Thanks and best regards

3 Answers

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by anonymous

Could you tell, why do you need a hotspot within the same subnet as your LAN? You could just directly connect to the access point with WPA2 authorization without the need of captive portal. The idea of hotspot is to create a wireless network overlay on top of your local network to prevent connected clients to access the devices in your local network but at the same time provide access to the internet.

Best regards,

by anonymous
hello, I have a similar problem, in my case I need hotspot users to be able to connect to a device (HTML/SERVER) that is connected to the lan port,

My goal is that users who have registered to my hotspot (192.168.2.X) can reach an internal multimedia content server (
by anonymous
Hello Zygimantas,

I have the same purpose like JaimeVeronline

I have a device (which has webserver) connected to LAN port of RUT240. I want hotspot users to be able to connect to the device's web server

Actually, my ultimate goal is to use captive portal for mobile device to login in the wifi from RUT240 to connect to the device. I need a log in page, rather then input pass when connecting to wifi as usual

Thanks and best regards
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by anonymous
Hi, I got my goal:

in firewall>Traffic Rules>new Forward Rule

source = hotspot

destination = LAN

I put the ip of my server http: ( port:80

and successfully released,
taking advantage of the moment I complemented the Walled Garden of the hotspot also with the ip and port of my server, so I can access the server even if I have not logged into the hotspot

I hope it helps you.
by anonymous
Hello JaimeVeronline,

Thanks for your advice

Could you please share with me the picture of your setting ? I do not really get your idea :)

Best regards
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by anonymous


You cannot provide a link or connection between Hotspot network and LAN network because Hotspot is designed to separate the network (the device cannot access LAN or WebUI).

But you can create a normal Guest Wi-Fi network (without hotspot) and link it to LAN network.

Note: on Legacy FW, we can provide a link or connection between Hotspot network and LAN network.

by anonymous
Hi Ahmad,

Could you help suggest which FW version we are allow to do this link between Hotspot and LAN network ?

I am using this Hotspot just for my machine demo. There is no risk of security

Thanks and best regards
by anonymous


You can use this Legacy FW RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.5 for RUT240, and you can download it through the following link:

After configuring a Hotspot network, a new firewall zone will be created (named hotspot zone) and you can control the traffic between this zone and LAN zone from zone forwarding section (Network --> Firewall --> General setting).