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Has anyone managed to send modbus data from a RUT955 (RUT9_R_00.07.01.4) to the Ubidots platform using data-to-server?

I can get the data from 2 devices read by the modem ok on modbus tcp. An rs485 pressure probe is read by the rs485 port being set to be a modbus gateway. And a probe connected to the analogue input pin is read on the internal modbus TCP registers.

It seems difficult to debug what the RUT955 is transmitting, so I'm just trying to post the data by changing the configuration piecewise and hoping for a new device to pop up on Ubidots - without success. I've tried both http and mqtt protocols.

My latest settings are below, any help would be most appreciated - thanks.

1 Answer

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Try without mqtt:// on server URL

Try without / before your topic (IMO, a topic never start with a /)

Credential needs username and password, password is empty on your config : Is it normal ?

Try to publish directly to internal broker (Package > MQTT > Install / Services > MQTT > Enable broker on port 1883)

Data to Server >, port 1883 w/o credentials to check if data is published correctly or not

Try to suscribe to your topic with MQTT.fx