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by anonymous
I have created a Teltonika account, however my organisation is now trying to invite me to join the company setup in RMS but is unable to do so as my email address is already registered.

Is it possible to either migrate my current user (which has no devices or companies setup) to this existing company, or to delete my account so that it can be created with the invitation?

Many Thanks

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Your current account can be deleted, which would allow to reuse your email. If this option suits you, I would like you to post your email address either here in the comments, or send it in a private message, to proceed with the account deletion.

Best regards,

Best answer
by anonymous
Many thanks, I will send this to you privately.
by anonymous
Your account has been deleted, however, if you try to login with your credentials within the next few hours, it will be restored. Otherwise, it should be possible to invite you now, and once you receive the invitation, follow the instructions and links in the email.