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I'm experiment a strange problem:

I have a RUT240 in LAN with a modbus tcp/485 gateway (ADFWEB) and a PC.

I can ping RUT240 and ADFWEB from the PC so I'm sure both the devices are online. There's no way to let the RUT240 ping that device. If I try setting up the modbus communication (RUT240 as master, AFWEB as slave) i get a "no route to host", so it seems that the RUT240 is not "seeing" that ip address in its network. Of course, if i try modbus requests from the PC they are ok, so i am sure ADFWEB gateway is ok even on the modbus side.

What could the issue be?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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Is the issue still relevant?

Did you check if the port used for connectivity is not blocked by the firewall?

Could you share you master and slave configurations?

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the issue is no more relevant: was due to a bug on the gateway firmware. took some days to track and fix it.