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by anonymous
A number of RUT955 Modems randomly switch to Sim 1 not inserted. One of which happened within a month of purchase. Is there a certain fw date where this issue is fixed as I use NTRIP Client and therefore won't be able to upgrade to FW 7.xx for now...

Many thanks

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Please refer to these general solutions for your issue:
  1. Do you use Auto APN or a custom APN? Please check the settings by navigating to Network>Interfaces>MOB1S1A1 > General Settings and check whether any APN is set. If not, please try to set a custom APN. If you don't know your APN, try to search online for your operator APN settings or contact your mobile operator and ask them directly.
  2. Try to navigate to Network>Mobile and try selecting different service modes, for example "3G + 4G" or "4G (LTE) only". Also, please make sure you've entered the PIN code of your SIM card.

If your issues still persist after changing the configuration, please provide the following information regarding the operation of your router:

  • How often does this issue occur?
  • Does it happen randomly or is there some specific time interval when this issue occurs ?

by anonymous

Yes I do use a custom APN. I usually leave the service mode as automatic as the modems are moving about a lot in machines and have roaming sims. However I will try setting it to just 3G + 4G.

The issue is completely random -  An old RUT955 had this issue a few weeks ago and that's been running perfectly for 2+ years with nothing changed to it. On the other hand I've had another brand new RUT955 have this issue less than one month after it was set up.

I use an older firmware version which works best for the NTRIP Client for me.

I am aware that the best solution would be to upgrade to latest FW however is it still correct that I'll have to wait until FW 7.3 until I can use NTRIP Client? If so can you give me an update on the release date please?

Many thanks