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by anonymous

I have configured an RUT955 (*7V***) with FW00.06.08.6 and backed up the configuration in a file. It is impossible to load it in another RUT955 (same Model, same FW). I get the message: "Incompatible backup file selected, please choose another file".

Backups from an older FW Version can be loaded without problems.

I tried to load the backups from 3 different RUT955 into 3 other RUT955 - same error. All devices are RUT955 *7V*** devices.

Backing up the config and load it in the SAME device works without problem.

Time/Date on all devices are correct.

What can I do?


1 Answer

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by anonymous

Thank you for contacting us.
I would like to inform you that you can upload configuration backup files to your device if they were generated on an identical device using the same or an older firmware version.
If you try to upload a backup to a device with a different hardware version or from newer firmware, you will receive an incompatible backup file error.
In order to solve this issue, please try to upgrade the device firmware to the same in which the backup was created and check if this solves the issue.

Best regards,

Sigitas K.
by anonymous
Hi Sigitas,

thanks for the fast answer. Maybe there is a misunderstanding:

1. I made a backup of the configuration from a RUT955 (v7) with the newest FW 06.08.6.

2. I tried to restore this configuration on another RUT955 - same Revision (V7) and same FW (06.08.6).

It does not work. I tried it with 5 different RUT955 (all V7, all newest firmware).

I work with Rut955 for several years and have done backup/restore for many times. But with FW 06.08.6 it does not work.

It works only to restore the config in the SAME device, but not in a similar device.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Can you make a dummy Backup File for us? and upload it to the ticket?

To upload files for us, you will need to edit the main comment and there you will see the Add File Text Box.

Please provide us with the Credentials of the files.

Also if you have no troubles, you could provide us with the exact files that are giving you problems, and please generate a troubleshoot file of the device where you want to upload that Backup file.So we can check if there is some kind of difference.