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by anonymous
We created a VPN HUB and it works fine. We can connect with a client over the internet (not in company network) to the VPN HUB. We can reach the device behind the RUT240.

Now we want try to connect from our company network, we have to use a proxy server. This works only for tcp connections. The opvn config will only udp connections. Is it possible to use tcp connections to the VPN HUB?

Or you have a hint to use the udp connection from our company network?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

You are able to connect to RMS and RMS VPN hub from any public internet.

Meanwhile, if your company network has some restrictions and does not allow certain outbound traffic - nothing could be done from RMS side to circumvent that. In such case, you could ask your IT administrators to check if anything could be done locally from your company network side, so that outbound traffic would not be restricted.

At this moment in time RMS VPN hub only uses UDP protocol.