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by anonymous
I have a ROUTER that RUT240 is plugged in. the port goes through nicely via the ROUTER but I cant pass it via RUT240

INTERNET------------ROUTER--------------(WAN)RUT240(LAN) ---------------------Device(Port44158)

Also I cant ping WAN from any device and WAN shows stopped) but the Device public IP is from the ROUTER so it must go via WAN somehow.

Could you help ?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


The WAN interfaces must be active. Both in the case of the router that would give you internet access, and the RUT240. You can activate this via Network→Interfaces and activate the WAN interface in RUT240. I think the issue you may be having is in the IP assignment. The LAN interface of the router must be on the same network as the WAN interface of the RUT240 for there to be connectivity, and of course, it must be different from the network assigned to the LAN of the RUT240. Perhaps you can send me the IPs you are using for each interface to verify that it is correctly configured. 

by anonymous

Internet ------ (MAIN ROUTER) ---------192.168.?.? (RUT240) LAN -  
The Device external IP is the public IP from the MAIN ROUTER.

by anonymous
Excuse me, but I want to understand better. Do you want to have the connection to the router as a backup? I see the interface Mobil MOB1S1A1 active and working.

Regarding your WAN configuration. You need to know the LAN IP of the router, I see you did not set it in the diagram. Then the WAN IP of your RUT240 must be on that same network to be able to communicate, and it must be different from the LAN IP of your RUT240 so there is no conflict. Can you check what is the LAN IP of your router to better orient you?