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by anonymous
We are investigating if TRB245 can be used as a Telematics device in the vehicle.

We want to use it to periodically send location information to AWS IoT core, the period should be able to be configured.

Also we want to upload the data received from RS232 interface to the AWS IoT core.

Another option is upload the location information and RS232 input data to our AWS EC2 using UDP/TCP protocol.

Can you please check if these functions can be implemented? what will be the efforts for this implementation?

Kind regards

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Yes, it should be possible, our devices have a feature called "Data to Server", which enables the devices to send data to an external server, this could be RS232 data or other kinds of data. About the GPS, also it is possible to send data to an external server using NMEA or if it is an HTTP server.

You can read more about the data to server feature at this Teltonika Wiki link:

And more about the GPS protocols at this link: