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by anonymous

I am trying to turn off the RFC1918 filter on RUT955 via SSH by using this command /etc/config/uhttpd.

But when i send this command, it gives me an error stating permission denied, how can i fix this permission issue. 

Does anyone know of a solution or can suggest an alternative solution?



1 Answer

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by anonymous


The file path provided is for the file, that contains the uhttpd configuration. This is a text file and that is why you are receiving this message.

To see the file contents you would need to use command cat or vi to edit the file.

You can disable the filter by using the following commands:


uci commit

Best answer
by anonymous


Thank you so much for your answer. I tried using that command you mention but this was the outcome of it

root@Teltonika-RUT955:~# uhttpd.hotspot.rfc1918_filter='0'

-ash: uhttpd.hotspot.rfc1918_filter=0: not found

not too sure, what am i doing wrong here. I am just trying to turn off RFC1918 protection as it is not letting me access the DNNS service through phone hotspot and gives me error stating 
'Rejected request from RFC1918 IP to public server address' 
On the WebUI, there is no option to turn it off and the commands i am using on SSH, it does not seem to be working. 
i will really appreciate if you can help me out.
by anonymous

I am sorry, I forgot to add uci set:

uci set uhttpd.hotspot.rfc1918_filter=0

uci commit

Is the correct sequence

by anonymous
Thank you so much, it has taken these commands. :-)
I believe it should have be disabled now. You reckon, if there is any ssh command through which I can confirm if the value for rfc1918 has been changed from '1' to '0'.

I can check by accessing the domain name by connecting my laptop with the phone's hotspot, but my RUT955 have Tesltra sim in it and due to poor reception in my area, the signal light is blinking red and green and i can't test it until unless i am in a good reception area. Really appreciate your help.
by anonymous
You could use uci export uhttpd to see what values are set in that file
by anonymous
Thank you so much for your help. :-)