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by anonymous
hello all,

is it possible to send an sms and call the same number after 1 min.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Could you please elaborate, what is it you want to fully achieve, to send an SMS to the router, then it would call you back and read the message text to you?
by anonymous
the first step is that the router send an sms to a mobil number
After the SMS has been sent, a control call must be made to the same telephone number I didn´t need a speech messagê, only that the telefon rings
by anonymous

I figure you are using I/O juggler then.

The function is not really implemented to call a number but there is a workaround for this.

You would need to create an additional action: 

  1. Select the type of scrip.
  2. Execution delay: 60
  3. Browse for the script and select the one you download from here.
  4. In the arguments field enter the phone number, where + is replace by 00. An example Phone number: 00370XXXXXXXX
  5. Attach this action to the input rule