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by anonymous
Hey all this a question regarding RUT240's & RUT950's.

I've been using SCP and holding firmware and backup files in /temp then initialising the upgrade using the cli command sysupgrade.

Due to having a large amount of routers remotely, I was wanting to create a user startup script or any alternative which could initialise a sysupgrade command for the backup file which will be stored in the flash memory @/mnt after the firmware upgrade has completed.  

I'm wanting to do this as a script as once a router completes a firmware upgrade DDNS settings reset and we can no longer connect remotely.

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by anonymous

O command you could use to update your device and keep the configuration so the DDNS configuration won't change is "sysupgrade -o", in this command you have to specify the directory that won't be affected by the update, if you use the command "sysupgrade -h" you will be able to see other commands that might be helpful to perform this task.
by anonymous
Hey Richardo, I can't simply use this command as the firmware we are currently on is very outdated. This meaning, we need to manual download the Dynamic DNS configuration package from the package manager after the firmware update. Please remember, without DDNS setup we won't be able to connect to the routers remotely.Renewing RMS licences for bulk routers is a tedous process for only a one time use, therefore we are trying to find an alternative way to connect remotely, sometype of script at start or another way to carry DDNS settings over to the new firmware