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I have configured a basic freeRadius server with a custom external landing page for the hotspot. I can authenticate users using my own login logic but I also want to be able to limit the maximum data usage (daily) of each user (or group). I understand that using the internal radius and landing page this is achieved through user groups, but how would I do this with my setup? Is it possible to use the hotspot's user groups with external radius server?

If this is not within the scope of the router, then is there a way using the internal radius (so I have the data limit features) to customize my external landing page to register users on the local radius server of the router instead? I have found no documentations as to how to do this.

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I have solved my issue by using mac authentication. The way I went around it, as there is no external page to configure using mac auth, is by tweaking the routers theme files to redirect to my own (whitelisted) landing page, which after whatever logic I need to have is completed, I will redirect back to the internal mac auth landing page (with a url parameter) so the user can continue and gain access to the hotspot.

This way I have the capabilities of limiting users based on simple rules inside the router's hotspot user groups.