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by anonymous
So I will be using 3 sims in my Motorhome and need a reliable signal for my job hosting shows using similar tech to Zoom. So I have one sim with Smarty on Three network (Unlimited Data) one sim with Plus Net on EE (22gb Month) plus the Sim in my phone Lebara on Vodaphone (10gb Month) When I'm online hosting I would like the option to have all 3 sims (2 in the unit and one wifi connection to my phone which will have the wifi hotspot turned on) Is it possible to set up so it uses the unlimited data sim as priority, then the Plus Net, and then the WIFI in that order, so if the Unlimited connection stays good it won't use the other two. Is it possible to easily switch the config, so when I'm not online hosting I only use the three sim? Does the router bond the internet so a switch in networks is seemless? Also is the 950 suitable for this too or should I go for the 955?

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by anonymous
On 955, running official openwrt (_NOT_ teltonikas stuff), this is possible, requiring some custom code. The issue is, that switching the SIMs is to be done using some explicit cmd to the system/modem. Failover to WiFi, in case no cell connection working, is practically standard.

Dunno about Teltonikas standard stuff to to this.
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by anonymous


Thank you for your question.

Everything you've described can be achieved by RUT950 and RUT955. 

Firstly you will need to insert both sims to the router and connect your router to your phone's AP. For more information on how to set up wireless connectivity as a client read here:

Once you have all of your interfaces working, you will have to navigate to WebUI > Network > Interfaces.

Now you will need to drag & drop each interface to change its priority. In your case, you will have to drag the interface with an unlimited data SIM card as the first one, then as the second priority drag another SIM card interface, and lastly for the third drag&drop your WIFI Client interface that you've created.

The end result should look like this(in my example second SIM card is stopped because I don't have a second card inserted):

Lastly, navigate to WebUI > Network > Failover and activate failover on all of those three interfaces like that:

The Failover function allows you to backup your primary WAN connection in case it goes down.

For device choice, you can choose both RUT950 or RUT955, it depends on your more specific requirements. By picking RUT955 you will additionally get RS232/RS485, I/O, GNSS support, and a USB-A port.

Also if you are looking for faster internet speed, check out our RUTX series devices.

Kind regards,