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by anonymous
how to open ports on RUTX11 & then how to check if they are open ?

i have hercules, how will i know if port is open or not on my router

1 Answer

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by anonymous


In order to open ports, access router's WebUI. 

  • Navigate to Network -> Firewall -> Traffic rules. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will find Add New instance section.
  • Select Open ports on router type, enter name, select transport layer protocol(s), enter your desired port number or a range of ports.
  • Press Add.
  • An additional configuration window will show up, where you can further customize your rule.
  • Once done, press Save & Apply.

To check if the port is open, go to this site, enter your public IP address, port number and click Go.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Router is on my LAN & i can access it through PRIVATE IP ( & i don't have public IP ( WAN IP is shared)

Now how to check if my port 700 ( which i opened ) is open or not ?
by anonymous


First, there has to be a running service on that specific port to test if it is open. Here are a couple of ways to do it:

  1. Using Telnet:
    • Type windows features in windows search bar;
    • Select Turn Windows features turn on or off;
    • Check the Telnet Client box, press OK;
    • Login to your router. 
    • Open the port you need in traffic rules.
    • Go to System -> Administration -> Access control.
    • Enable Telnet, enter port number you want to be open;
    • Press Save & Apply;
    • Open CMD in windows, type Telnet and press Enter;
    • You will enter Telnet client. There type open <router's_IP_address> <port_number>;
    • If you are required to enter router's login credentials, the port is open. 
  2. Using NetCat and Hercules:
    • Access the router's WebUI, open port in the Firewall's traffic rules section;
    • Access the router via SSH or CLI
    • Enter command: opkg update;
    • Enter another command opkg install netcat;
    • Once install finishes, enter command netcat -l -p <port_number>
    • Open Hercules;
    • Select TCP client tab;
    • Enter module IP as router IP, enter port you want open number, press connect
    • Successful connect indicates that the port is open

Best regards,