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by anonymous
I have a RUTX11. I registered in RMS. Why do I not see my location? What should I activate? I see the location when I connect to the router itself but not via RMS. Thank you in advance.

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by anonymous


Thank you for provided information. If you want to have RUTX11 GPS location available on your RMS account, you need to enable additional monitoring settings in RMS.

Connect to your RMS account, then go to Management -> Devices -> (Select your RUTX11) -> Management (in the top row near Action section) -> Set Monitoring Update Period and select GPS monitoring. After which you should be able to see RUTX11 GPS location in your RMS.

Note.: GPS also must be enabled on RUTX11 and location data should been obtained by the router.

Best regargds,

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by anonymous
Thank you it worked!
by anonymous
I also finally got it working.