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by anonymous

Hi - 1-Wire opens up new application opportunities - We have 3 questions hope the community can help answer; 

1 - Can we use the 1 Wire Temperature sensor from Teltonika-GPS

2 - Does the 1-Wire interface on TRB-145 support more than 1 sensor? i.e Bus Topology - same as the FMC 640 where you can have up to 4 sensors .

3 - will any other platforms besides TRB145 support 1-Wire 

4 - Is it possible for the TRB145 to Log Data from the temperature sensor? 

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by anonymous


  1. The sensor described in the link can be used.
  2. It is possible to connect multiple 1 - Wire sensors.
  3. Currently, only one Teltonika device - TRB141 supports 1 -Wire communication protocol.
  4. Since there is no Web interface support for getting one wire data, it has to be accessed using SSH or Console modes, there is also no direct ways to store data. However, it would be possible to write custom scripts in combination with crontabs to implement periodic sensor data logging.

1 - Wire data reading instructions are provided in this link.

Crontabs functionality with examples is explained here.

Best regards,