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I have a RUT240 with newest firmware (RUT2_R_00.007.01.4) and I wish to set it up to a network with a static IP, using both ports as LAN, and connect via 4G. So far I have been able to configure the WAN port as LAN and I a 4G connection as I'm able to ping and other IPs over the internet, but I am not able to ping or access any websites, such as google as I am not able to configure DNS properly. Any help here?

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You can try adding more DHCP servers. Start by accessing router's WebUI and going to Network -> Interfaces. Press pencil icon next to LAN interface to edit LAN settings. Under DHCP server section select Advanced settings tab. There in DHCP - Options fields, enter number 6 and your DNS servers options.

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I assume you mean DNS Servers? As my network requires static IP. Yes, I tried to add several DNS servers in the LAN settings, unfortunately it did not. I managed to find a solution by creating a backup configuration from a working RUT240 and transferring it over to the original RUT240