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Today, WLAN is always on or off. It is switchable by many options but there is no time based schedule to switch power of WLAN transmitter off.

A common usecase is that the RUT9x device provides internet access over GSM to WLAN in a offshore building. This building is not permanently used by humans (service technicians). Other measuring devices are connected by LAN. The RUT9x is solar/battery powered.

To save battery power, a time based schedule (e.g. WLAN off during night)  for switching WLAN power would help here.
Im also trying to reduce battery power with disabling mobile data and wifi but if I see that disabling/enabling is done with ifup/ifdown and the ppp state I would expect that the transmitter is still powered.  Can someone confirm if it's really disabling the transmitter to save power or if it's just stopping from sending/receiving data.

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For your required feature you can use crontabs functionality. Please check the example on how to launch Wireless AP on specified hours in our wiki page:

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You can also disable/enable wlan0 interface using commands:

ip link set wlan0 down

ip link set wlan0 up

These commands can also be used in crontab.
This would work too. However, after restarts of some specific services or after a reboot of the router itself, the wlan0 interface would return to its default state.