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Hi, we have many RUt850 in the company and we need to monitor GPS position  of vehicles to do so we need to get GSP latidute and longitude via MQTT as we do with other TELETONIKA routers how can we do?

We can see correctly positions on Teltonika webpage but we cannot get ith our server

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RUT850 does not have MQTT functionality as other Teltonika Network devices. This is the reason why you cannot monitor information through MQTT.

Nonetheless, RUT850 have other means of transferring GPS information to your servers:

 - From "Services -> GPS -> AVL" menu you can enable AVL service, which would send AVL records to your server. In order to parse the data, you might need to make few changes on your server. Information about AVL protocol and how to decode it can be found here:


 - Another option is to send RAW NMEA data to your server via TCP or HTTP/HTTPS protocols, so that your server could GPS information itself. These options can be enabled from "Services -> GPS -> HTTPS" and "Services -> GPS -> NMEA" menus.

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I've written a simple tool for taking the raw NMEA data of my RUT850 and forwarding it to MQTT a while ago: https://github.com/bwachter/gps-proxy

I use it via a VPN connection, though I guess it might also be possible to compile it to a binary capable of running on the RUT850 itself.