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I have a RUT with HOTSPOT working very fine, I have created a "template" for GUEST account, with download  data limited (500 MB) for every day.

All is ok, but when several devices are connected (with the same Guest Account) all device can download 500 MB..... every device :-( !!

I need offer 500 MB for GUEST User, but only 500 MB for all device working together with the same user "GUEST"

Could a Expert help me?

Thanks a lot

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try to use "Authentication mode:Without Radius" and create one user with limits. Few wifi clients can use the same user account.

Thanks, but this is done already. The problem is when several devices are connected with this Guest account (with Download data limited to 500 MB ).

In this case every device can download 500 MB...I need to permit only 500 MB for all devices connected with guest account.