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by anonymous

We like to have some small custom software on our Teltonika routers. So it can also be used as Print server. 

We already have written te program but its now running on linux server (Typescript) but we like to move it on the router so no extra linux computer is needed. In general its doing this:

  1. Connecting with Websocket to AWS to listen for new print jobs
  2. Make PDF with data from that Websocket
  3. Run a command to sent that PDF to CUPS (the printserver installed on the Linux computer). 

I noticed in the wiki and community that you can make your own programs with the SDK on your Telematic router. 

I also see you can install CUPS as printserver on openwrt. 

So with all this, it feels like its technical possible to achieve this? 

Tree questions:

  1. Is this technical possible on the RUT-360 and RUT-955? When I flash the router with for example Openwrt. Is it then still possible to use the features RMS etc.
  2. What is a good way to start. What kind developers do I need to search for to achieve this (Openwrt developer)? 
  3. After installing it on one router. How can we then easy add it to all 100+ routers. Can you write it in the firmware or a backup and update that to all routers? 


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by anonymous
Should be possible for the 955, at least. Because there is native support for "official" openwrt running on the 955. I did various custom firmwares, based on openwrt, also, but not only, for the 955. However, RMS etc. are Teltonika specials, so its required to implement customized remote access procedure to the 955. Various possibilities here, depending upon requirements. I.e. via http(s), mqtt, VPN ... Also including firmware update OTA, of course, which is required for a fleet of remote devices in the field. I'm a good old German engineer.
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