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by anonymous
hi  we use rutx12 with dual sim load balancing. our supplier had no stock of rutx12 and supplied rutx14 instead. all looks the same and the dual sim option allows for load balancing but the rutx14 only has 1 modem. is it possible to load balance 2 sims with only 1 modem to get max download speeds for 4G.  many thanks

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by anonymous

No, that would not be possible as on RUTX14 only one sim card is active at the same time, however, theoretically, both devices provide the same network speeds.
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by anonymous


It is not possible have simultaneous connectivity between two mobile operators with RUTX14. However, RUTX14 has an LTE Cat 12 modem, which, under certain conditions, is capable of achieving similar download speeds as two RUTX12 modems operating at once. 

The RUTX14, as well as most of Teltonika routers have more than one interface through which they can reach WAN, in particular: moble, wired and wireless. Thus it is possible to distribute traffic between those interfaces. For more details, please view the video about load balancing in this link:

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