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Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

I use the Teltonika routers RUT500 & RUT 900.

I have a lot of interruptions.

The company of WiFi internet sugested to me to replace these royters due to these routers have no ability to connect-cooperate with the networks of 4G and 4G+. I 'd like to ask you: is it correct this aspect/thesis? And, if YES, then what is your proposal to replace these routers with others (of your company -TELTONIKA). What are the reliable routers for PV installation in a mobile internet of PV production data connection?

Many thanks in advance

Eleftherios Tziolas

Chairman/General Director.

1 Answer

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Hello Eleftherios,

The router RUT500 and RUT900 has an EOL (End of Life). However, they are still operational with 3G and 2G connection.

These devices are not made for the 4G connection. You can refer to the link for EOL policy.


For New devices you can contact your local Teltonika Office or Distributer:


For Internet connectivity with PV installation and Branch/Corporate connectivity, we have some similar use cases on our website you can refer to the use cases.