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We are testing the RUT240 and have a SIM base which we can reset at the GSM NETWORK HLR which allows us to disable the SIM and re-enable it which with most modems causes it to refresh on the network. However when we do this with the RUT240 it appears to keep cycling, the signal light flash off and back on and then the light to the left of signal keep flashing in rotation and every so often they restart again. However the unit wont re-attach to the network. Is there a setting which we can force the modem to reboot through a dog watch timer etc......?

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Check ping reboot option: https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/RUT240_Auto_Reboot#Ping_Reboot_Settings

Select  "Action if no echo is received:Modem restart".
Thanks I have just changed that setting now and will test. Thanks for the quick reply