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I am sending modbus register data using RUT240 to server using its DATA to Server feature.

Currently it is sending each register data in different json packet. What I want is to send multiple register value in single json packet.So, is it possible?

{"ID":"5", "Data":"15694;7800;657"}

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Thank you for contacting Teltonika Crowd-Support forum. Please find our response below.

Can you please provide us the screenshots of Modbus TCP Master configuration and Data to server as well?

When you configure more than one request instances on Modbus TCP Master configuration. Each request's data is send individually in different JSON Segment.

In order to receive the data in one go via Data to Server. Please set the Segment count value to 2 (if there are two requests configured in Modbus TCP Master Configuration), You can change segment count value according to your choice and number of requests that you want to read in single JSON segment.