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by anonymous

Hi, im trying to connect Teltonika RUT360 with my FORTIGATE firewall. 1phase shows online, but 2phase offline. Fortigate is using NAT and trying to create new tunnel (IPSEC). Im getting error in debuging:  malformed responder cookie.

Do Teltonika Rut360 (RUT36X_R_00.02.06.1) support NAT-RFC ?

Where can i find NAT settings of Teltonika?

Is there a command in cli to do debugging of a VPN tunnel ?

by anonymous

i use teltonika ipsec to Fortigate with the client behind NAT but you need to set up dailup ipsec on your Fortigate to get it to work.

by anonymous

Could you please expand on what do you mean by NAT - RFC?

You can view NAT rules in the device by connecting the router vis SSH and entering command: iptables -t nat -L

Here are a few commands, you can use for IPsec debugging:

For status details enter:

  • ipsec statusall

To view IPsec logs:

  • logread | grep ipsec or logread -f | grep ipsec

Check currently loaded IPsec settings:

  • cat /tmp/ipsec/ipsec.conf

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by anonymous


Please check the instruction guides for IPsec configuration between a Teltonika device and Fortigate firewall in the following links: 

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