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by anonymous

I am trying to forward a multicast via the VPN Hub of the Teltonika RMS-System. Basically, I have a router (RUT240) that has SIM-card, but no public IP address, due to the restrictions of the SIM-card provider. Furthermore, the router has EV-charging stations connected to it (Alfen Single Pro). For the configuration of the chargers, I have to use the the Alfen Service Installer". It's a software that is searching in the network for any connected chargers by sending a multicast into the network and waits for any responses from the chargers. My intention is, to get remote access to that chargers.

Therefore, I connected the RUT240 to the VPN Hub as well as I connected my laptop to the hub. Now I have the problem that the multicast is not forwared to the chargers through the VPN hub. Does anybody has suggestions, how I can fix that problem?
Thank you very much!

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by anonymous


According to your description, your software might be using Broadcast messages instead of Multicast.

If indeed Broadcast messages are being used, then you can:

 - Update your RUT240 to last firmware version

 - Then from its "Services -> Package manager" menu download "UDP Broadcast Relay" package

 - Finally from "Network -> Interfaces -> Lan" menu enable "UDP Broadcast Relay" option and check if that resolves your issue.

Meanwhile, if indeed Multicast is used by the application, then you would need to wait for next upcoming 7.2 firmware version, since only it would introduce IGMP proxy service (as a downloadable package), which would allow to receive Multicast packets from WAN.

In any case, there should not be a need to use Multicast/Broadcast in the first place. Even though that might be desirable in large scale deployments, smaller solutions are restricted because of this for no reason. You should be able to ask your equipment manufacturer (Alfen) to provide solution for you, so that you could connect to your equipment via simple TCP/IP communication via IP and Port number. That would definitely allow you to reach your equipment remotely without any restrictions.