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by anonymous
I just got delivered my new rutx14 and after setting it up after supplied instructions - it isn't working...or at least very slow.

All antennas is connected correctly and I'm situated in western Norway - which have very fast and good 4G coverage.

Firstly I bought this router for using it with two different 4G/5G networks with two sims - I thought I could be using both at the same time - but seems only there's one mode in the 14.

Anyway - the biggest problem is speed or getting it to connect to the network at all - speed tests show like 1.5 mps and upload not working.

I tried different modes and setup - but no luck. I put the same sim card into an old D-link 4g router I found in a drawer (maybe 10 years old) and household low quality. - This got speeds up to 12 mps and upload about 6mps. These speeds are not impressive either - but this was the supplier which has less coverage and supposed to be my back-up on low data in more populated areas. My other and much better covered supplier - I have not yet recieved the sim-card from.

But in either case - I thought the RUTX14 was the best I could get - and should perform a lot better than the old household D-link??

I have also ordered a dome with antennas for the rutx14 to place high and getting even better coverage - but when performing this bad I there must be something wrong?

What can be wrong in my setup - or could it be a faulty unit?



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by anonymous


It is possible that although you have a good 4G signal, you are not connected to the right band according to the provider to have better connectivity. You can check the signal status through Status→Network→Mobile. Here is a link to the recommended values for good navigation.

In case you don't have a good signal according to the selected band, I recommend you to contact your provider and ask for the right band type to connect, maybe you also need to configure a different APN. All this can be done through Network→Mobile (Band settings) and Network→Interface→Mobile interface (APN settings). Here are two links with more information on this configuration.

by anonymous

I'm no it-engineer - and after speaking to the network supplier - they had no resolution or manual input. Here's status in photo

by anonymous


In the image, you can see that your signal values are as follows. RSRP: -115 RSQR: -13 SINR: -14.7 Signal Strenght: -71. In the last link I sent you, you can see the values for the 4G connection. Although you have a decent signal for 4G. The RSRP and SINR values are in the no signal and disconnect range. Maybe you can improve your signal value with a better antenna than the ones that came with the device. 

The DLink device may get a slightly different configuration than the RUTX14 (Bands and APN), it is also possible that the DLink antenna gets a slightly better signal than the RUTX14. Is there any chance you could try that SIM on another device, maybe your phone? Then we can validate if there is good coverage in the area, at the moment it seems that it is not taking the optimal configuration for its best performance. Either because of the APN configuration or the band selected automatically. 

At the moment, if the provider does not tell you which band to use. You can try selecting them manually to see which one can improve your connectivity.  This can be done via Network→Mobile as above. 

by anonymous
Well - isn't the other router D-link DWR-921 a good indication that there's working network? - my sim and subscription will only work as a data only and is not for a cell phone. I've tried all the bands available and if setting APN manually - there's no one to choose. Tried typing the APN telia which I found online and it works just the same as in auto.

I bought this router for long range use only on a yacht and also have ordered antennas - but if this is receiving no signals even with the four antennas in open geographic landscape and in the country with best coverage in the world - I don't know what to do.

I see in this forum a lot of others having same issues with slow routers just different models - I thought the newest and most expensive would be best - it can't be faults in the software? I have updated to latest...
by anonymous


Can you please try selecting the bands with the automatic APN? Maybe that way you can test the performance with different bands. If you are still having issues, can you please send me the troubleshooting file of the device? You can get it via System→Administration→Troubleshoot

by anonymous
I can't see any difference in speed between band choices - how can I upload/send the troubleshoot file?
by anonymous
I just sent you a private message. You can attach the troubleshooting file there.
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by anonymous
Actually I face the Issue in Sweden currently. But our RSRP (-83) and SINR (2,3-5) values should be fine. My mobile phone (same provider, etc.) gets prefect signal and speed but the router is super slow or not connected. Any solutions?
by anonymous
any solution on the above?