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I am using the RMS with RUT240 and trying to connect to a Ubquiti product via HTTPS i can gain access to the login page and login but when i get to the dashboard of the ubquiti devices on the HTTPS page it does not display correct and not all options are there

Anyone had any issues connecting to Ubquiti HTTPS pages vis RMS?

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When it comes to reaching devices through HTTP(S) RMS Connect functionality, some particular device WebUIs might not load correctly, because they might have unique WebUI aspects, which does not work properly when accessed through proxy.

You should be able to avoid this visual issue, if you would create RMS VPN hub and access your Ubquiti device through it. Such connection would not be through proxy and therefore Ubquiti should show all WebUi aspects correctly.

In case you have not heard about RMS VPN hub functionality, there is a quick youtube video showing how to start using this functionality: