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I use a RUT230 router on which I have configured an MQTT broker. The router is connected to a PLC with MODBUS communication.

Publishing messages with the DATA TO SERVER function works well.

Now I would like to post a single message with data coming from several modbus frames. Is it possible to configure the payload to group data (customizable payload) ?

With the SDK can we create an application that would allow this ?

Thanks for your help.

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On a RUT955, at least, this is possible. EITHER developing some custom scripts for org system, OR (recommended) to build custom firmware, based on original openwrt. The advantage here simply is, that it is completely "open source", which is not valid for Teltonikas dialect of openwrt.

The RUT230 is also supported running official openwrt; however, I have no personal experience about its reliability. The RUT955 is stable for industrial app, when running official openwrt. Used it in large fleet of IoT-devices.
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