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by anonymous


due to it should be possible to read the current values by requesting

But the file "io_value" does not exist. I always get an 404 error. I already checked the systemfolder /cgi-bin and indeed, there are only io_type and io_state, but no io_value

What can I do?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Thank you for your feedback.

This issue will be resolved in next upcoming RUT955 firmware release (version 7.2), which we hope will be released in upcoming weeks.

by anonymous
We see the same problem. No idea on a workaround? Could io value be read from CLI?
by anonymous

Please refer to this page for CLI commands, Status from command line section.

Best regards,


by anonymous

Yes, input values could be read from SSH/CLI. To connect to device's SSH/CLI use the following credentials:

  • SSH/CLI login: root
  • SSH/CLI password: <your device's password>

The following commands can be used to read input's value:

  • ubus call ioman.gpio.din1 status
  • ubus call ioman.gpio.din2 status
  • ubus call ioman.gpio.iio status
  • ubus call ioman.adc.adc0 status

Similarly, device's outputs can be controlled in the same way:

  • ubus call ioman.relay.relay0 status
  • ubus call ioman.relay.relay0 update '{"state":"open"}'
  • ubus call ioman.relay.relay0 update '{"state":"closed"}'

  • ubus call ioman.gpio.dout1 status
  • ubus call ioman.gpio.dout1 update '{"value":"0"}'
  • ubus call ioman.gpio.dout1  update '{"value":"1"}'

  • ubus call ioman.gpio.dout2 status
  • ubus call ioman.gpio.dout2 update '{"value":"0"}'
  • ubus call ioman.gpio.dout2 update '{"value":"1"}'