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TRB145: Update TRB1450_R_00.01.00 -> TRB1451_R_00.01.01.2. via local file as well as from server I get the message:

The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format.
by anonymous

Hi again,

You've responded by using the 'Contact Us' button in Teltonika's website. I do not receive emails sent to this address, but I was informed by a colleague. Please reply using answers, comments or private messages on this forum, otherwise the person who is helping you may not receive your response.

I've looked into this further and I may have a theory why FW upgrade does not work for you. Can you tell me your device's product code? You can check it via the WebUI, Status → System section page, Device table.



 Product code is TRB1451E0300

Further data:


Device name TRB145
Product code TRB1451E0300
Serial number 1101336885
Hardware revision 0001
Batch number 001

by anonymous
Thank you.

Unfortunately you have one of the first TRB145 versions ever made, so the validation doesn't work since this code does not exist any more.

We are working on a solution for cases such as this and I'll inform as soon as it gets resolved. Meanwhile, it would really help if you could tell me where you bought the device (directly from Teltonika or other seller) and the device's modem version (can also be checked in Status → System).
by anonymous

The solution is in. Read on below to find how you can fix the issue.

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by anonymous

To whom it may concern,

The solution for the issue discussed in this post is in. Download a firmware for your device from one of the links below:


Install the firmware on your TRB device and after that you will able to upgrade to the regular firmware versions:

TRB140 EU standard firmwares
TRB145 EU standard firmwares

Best answer
by anonymous
I've updated the links. Try it now.
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by anonymous


You are trying to upgrade to a firmware version intended for another region. Take note of the digit in the file name that comes right after the device name:


0 is for Europe; 1 is for Australia and South America. Based on your current FW, what you need is the European version. Click here to download it.

Region based versioning is described here.

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I bought 2 pieces of TRB145 via from reseller (it seems to be in Latvia).

Bot instruments show the same behaviour, so I probably got the first 2 units ever sold?

Client/server connection between this two units does stop after about 1 hour. I hoped to overcome this problem with new firmware.


Model EC21
IMEI 865583040007592

FW version EC21EUGAR06A01M4G_OCPU_BETA1112

by anonymous
Thank you for this information.

There have been about 50 devices manufactured under this product code. I can't tell the order in which they were sold, but they all have the same common issue. When an optimal solution becomes available (which should be very soon), we'll notify you via this thread.
by anonymous

The solution is in. Check my other answer to see how you can fix the issue.