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by anonymous

i have a recurring issue with some RUT240's.

We have registered about 70 RUT240's

For the second time now i see a RUT that is started after power down and is not connecting to RMS. It is giving a SSL error. See attachments. And it is not workinge when i try to refresh/reconnect from webportal.

When a restart the RUT it usually connects again with RMS.

We have send out multiple RUT's into Europe. But i can't guarantee if there are connected or not because i don't see them online in RMS.

This issue is unacceptable. I can't expect that my customers need to reboot a RUT240 several times before it is connected to RMS again.

Please give me advise in fixing this issue.

kind regards

Andy Seffelaar

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Here are a couple of things you can do:

  • Check if the device receives correct time, when it is started after power down and if the computer the device is connected to also gets the right time.
  • The screenshots indicate that you are using an older firmware version. I would like you to update the device> Latest firmware can be downloaded from here:
  • Try unregistering the device from RMS and registering again.

Best regards,


by anonymous
Thank you for your answer.

I will try your options.

Kind regards