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by anonymous

i asked a question here

then I had a reply but then I get no answer and I can't move to unanswered (don't know why)

Here my 2nd question:

In first, thanks for your help. I struggle a bit with the rules.

I configured this:

wan - PPPoE provider

wan2 - 2nd provider gives me LAN with static IP

sim1 - Data sim

I configured failover, this is working fine. All Clients ware using the PPPoE line, whan this goes down they go to the LAN and at least, is this ist down, the go to LTE.

Now I make a VoIP rule where two internal IPs ( and 162) shoud user wan2.

This is also working, i have my load "balanced" data on wan, VoIP on wan2, fine as well :-)

But now I cant configure that when wan2 goes down VoIP shoud use wan and possibly sim.

When I add wan to "member used" the VoIP machines use directly the wan, not the wan2.

Is there an option to configure a seperate failover in a rule ??

Regards, Dirk


1 Answer

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by anonymous

You are indeed correct, if the second interface is added in the rule settings, all of the traffic is directed through the main default interface. However, in your case, it is enough to add WAN2 as a main interface for your VoIP traffic. If it fails, it should switch to the main WAN from the failover menu and once WAN2 goes back online, the VoIP traffic should be routed through it again.

Best regards,