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by anonymous


I would like to route some traffics to default route for failover and failback.

Previously we had command feature on RUT240, but has it been removed from latest firmware 'RUT2_R_00.07.01.4.'?

Do we have any alternative to execute custom command when it fails over and back?

I will explain here about the context.

I have 2 interfaces mobile(wwan0) as the primary connection and wifi(wlan0) as the secondary connection.

And we establish a wireguard vpn connection on the active interface.

RUT240 set a route record to wireguard endpoint(ex 123.456.789.10)  automatically when it activates the vpn connection for the first time. For instance when wwan0 is active, traffic to the wireguard endpoint will be routed to wwan0 as below.

Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface                                                                 U     1      0        0 wwan0         UG    2      0        0 wlan0                                                      U     0      0        0 wg_1                                                   U     3      0        0 br-lan                                                               

123.456.789.10 UH    1      0        0 wwan0   <- this is the wireguard endpoint

And when I removed wwan0, and set Rule feature to route the wireguard endpoint to wlan0 It fails over successfully.

After the failover, routing table will be as below.

Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use

Iface                                                                 UG    2      0        0 wlan0                                                      U     0      0        0 wg_1                                                   U     3      0        0 br-lan                                                               

123.456.789.10 UH    1      0        0 wlan0   <- traffic to the wireguard endpoint is routed to wlan0 by the Rule feature.

But when I reactivate wwan0 with wlan0, the traffic to the wireguard endpoint stays being routed to wlan0 not wwan0.

So fail back feature does not work.


Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface         U     1      0        0 wwan0         UG    2      0        0 wlan0   U     0      0        0 wg_1   U     3      0        0 br-lan

123.456.789.10 UGH   2      0        0 wlan0   <- traffic to the wireguard endpoint is supposed to be routed to wwan0. This is the problem.

Sorry it is complicated, but how can I solve this issue?



by anonymous
Hi Taketo,

Wireguard routing issue will be resolved with RUTOS 7.2

Functionality to execute custom commands on failover will be added with RUTOS 7.3

Best regards,
by anonymous
Hi Martynas,

I also need the execute custom command on failover that was existing on legacy webui. Can you tell me when rutos 7.3 will be released?


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Hi Taketo,

What command feature do you mean? Can you share details on this?

To replicate your exact same scenario, please send me a troubleshoot file in a private message.

Kind regards