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by anonymous
I am just wondering how can you properly select the right model of Teltonika routers according to the required network throughput. In my experience with cisco routers, they usually provide information on up to what Mbps or Gbps network throughput their router can deliver. Upon looking into the datasheets of RUT240, RUT950, RUTX12, no information about their network throughput is provided. Can anyone share your strategies or guides in sizing/selecting the correct model when required network throughput is given?

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by anonymous


More details are needed about your use case to recommend a device. However, considering the throughput, it depends on your WAN source and device hardware:

  • Some devices have ethernet ports with 100Mbps throughput, others allow for gigabit speeds.
  • Mobile internet speeds have even variables, which impact speeds. For example, module category, the higher, the better achievable speeds, available frequency bands, base tower congestion, weather conditions, distance from the tower, etc;
  • Devices also differ in their latest supported Wi - Fi standard, as some go up only to n, others to ac standard. This is a major limiting factor on maximum Wi - Fi speeds, however, since it is another connectivity type, based on radio communications, more factors influence the end available throughput, which are specific to each use case. 

To sum up, when considering device's throughput capabilities, you should look at Ethernet port speeds, supported Wi - Fi standards and LTE module category. All of these parameters are provided in the devices' datasheets in Teltonika Networks website.

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by anonymous

Hi Žygimantas,

Thank you for the immediate reply!

So basically, I can rely on the interface speeds when sizing or selecting the correct model? So let's say my client will use 2 links of 75Mbps broadband internet, RUT950 should do since it uses Fast E for their WAN ports. But when a client decided to use 2 links of 150Mbps broadband internet, then I should select a model with Gigabit WAN interface like RUTX10 or RUTX12, right?