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by anonymous


I need help configuring the FMB204 device.

My conditions for the device:

  1. Power ON, Ignition is HIGH = Sending position and data every 60 seconds.
  2. Power OFF, internal Battery is usedIgnition is LOW and device coordinates do not change = Sending position and data every 3600 seconds.
  3. Power OFF, internal Battery is usedIgnition is LOW and device coordinates change = Sending position and data every 300 seconds.

With the Teltonika Configurator, I configured the device with these parameters:

  • System Movement Source is "Ignition", "Accelerometer" and "GNSS"
  • Data Acquisition \ On Stop \ Min Period is "300" sec, Send Period is "300" sec.
  • Data Acquisition \ Moving \ Min Period is "3600" sec., Send Perion is "3600" sec. 

Now my test scenarios:

## 1 The device is on my desk, the device is powered ON, the ignition is HIGH and I get the coordinates and the data every 60 seconds

  • Condition 1 working fine

## 2 The device is powered off, the internal battery is used, I have the device on my desk, ignition is LOW 

  • How I can configure condition 2? 

## 3 The device is powered off, the internal battery is used, I have the device in my car and driving, ignition is LOW and I get data every 300 seconds.

  • Condition 3 is working, but I do not get the position data. How I can get the position data?

Thank you very much. 

2 Answers

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by anonymous


For issues related to FMB 204 refer to this forum:

Best regards,


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by anonymous
Thank you, new issue is created, see:

You can close this one.