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We are evaluating TRB245 for a use case where analog input accuracy and stability is wanted. Our lab tests show that analog input is quite stable over time. Setting up a lab power supply at 10.00VDC will result in a reading toggling between 9.906V and 9.895V.

Could anyone give some details regarding the ADC being used? Resolution, long term stability and offset?

Input impedance?

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I have forwarded you question to the development department, I will post the answer as soon as I receive more details.

Best regards,

As an additional question I'd like you to check this also for RUT955 and RUT956.

Real world example for RUT955:

Lab power supply = 10.00VDC

RUT955 ADC output = 9.979V - 10.252V

(hig/low during one hour, measure interval 30s)