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I am trying to upload a CA certificate to use with a VPn profile but the device does not give me the choice of selecting the certificate after I upload it.  Specifically, I upload a PEM file under System->Administration->Certificates under Import Certificate File and it shows the file (I can also see the file if I ssh to the device under /etc/certificates, but the cert i uploaded does not show up as available to use as the CA cert on the openvpn setup screen.  This is on a RUT955 running  RUT9_R_00.07.01.4 

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Hi BlueRidge,

After you select your certificate, does it show on the certificate list? Like this one here: https://prnt.sc/xr7LXDIxDbyW

After that, on the OpenVPN setup, have you selected the option "Certificate files from device"? It should look like this: https://prnt.sc/Wjr8sXfi_WP-

Best regards
Device client certificates do show up in that list, but ca level certificates do not and are not selectable under the openvpn configuration screen.