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I have build quite many system with PFSense / OpenVPN and RUT95x devices and all works great. Now first time I have to use TRB142 with PFSense / OpenVPN L-2-L.

PFSense LAN;, Teltonika LAN, Tunnel network (PFSense .1, Teltonika .2)

Do you have any idea;

- I got OpenVPN tunnel up, I could ping from Teltonika LAN to PFSense LAN

- I could ping from PFSense LAN to tunnel network (also Teltonika tunnel network address)

- I could not ping from PFSense LAN to Teltonika LAN or Teltonika LAN address.

By monitoring PFSense OpenVPN interface I could see that traffic is flowing to the tunnel from PFSense LAN but I could not receive anything from Teltonika LAN.
I found the reason; from PFSense was missing Client Specific override settings. Everything is working now!

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Could you provide more details about your solution, in case other users encountered the same issue?

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