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Followed the document: https://kaunas.teltonika.lt:444/f/6d6b4731ea324fc881b9/?dl=1

Using a Verizon SIM in the RUT955. 

LAN clients on the RUT955 have internet access, but unable to build a IPSEC tunnel from the RUT955 to the Sonicwall.

Sonicwall has a static public IP address.  

RUT955 FW:  RUT9_R_00.07.01.4

Sonicwall TZ270 FW: SonicOS 7.0.0-R906

Sonicwall log reports 'IKE Responder: Remote party Timeout - Retransmitting IKE Request.' 

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Could you share your RUT955 configuration screenshots with both IKE phase settings?

Also, connect to the RUT955 via SSH and try commands IPsec statusall and logread | grep ipsec. They might provide more insight into your issue.

Also, there is this page from Sonicwall, related to your issue.

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Here are the phases. 

I figured it out.  It was a Sonicwall issue with DH group.  No matter what group I set my sonicwall to, it always showed group 2. So I changed the RUT955 to group 2 (equivalent) and that solved part of the problem.

The next issued I found was with Local and Peer IKE ID.  It had to be set as IPv4 with any random IP so long as it matched in the RUT955.

Thanks for the help.