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by anonymous

Hi everyone,

I feel since the new version of firmware, the wifi 5G is struggling a lot. Currently I have a RUTX11 with this version: RUTX_R_00.07.01.4

When my router is rebooting, it's not transmitting any wifi 5G. I need to play a bit with the Operating Frequency in order to change the channel and sometimes I also need to reboot it, sometimes 4 times in order to get some 5G signal.

1 month ago I've decided to reset everything and to re-configure from scratch and I still have the issue. Do you have any idea?


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by anonymous

Try checking basics first, if all antennas are attached properly, if other devices are unable to see 5G SSID as well. Doubt that firmware is the problem, you can always try testing it by downgrading it with the same firmware you were using before.

There can be many other causes for WiFi signal interference, like unsupported, congested channels, DFS, and physical factors. By installing an application like Wi-Fi analyzer or Wi-Fi channel scanner on your mobile device you can scan the surrounding Wi-Fi signals and avoid congested channels.

Try to avoid using DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) channels. Avoid channels 52-144 and choose between 34-48 or 149-161 instead. As DFS channels can automatically switch to other channels with lower interference, they may cause a brief disconnection during the switch.

5 GHz networks are more suitable for open spaces. Obstacles (such as cement walls, iron, and glass) between your device and router can greatly reduce the transmission speeds and signal strength. Since RUTX11 is a dual-band router, try using 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time, to lower the risk of losing the signal.

If nothing helps, try uploading 2 troubleshoot files: one with older firmware where 5ghz WiFi worked properly, and one with the newest, where you have issues. (Troubleshoot file can be found on Router UI -> System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot, and must be downloaded once the issue is present. More info on the links below)

Best Regards,

Tomas M.
by anonymous

Thanks for your answer. Obviously I've done all the tests that you wrote. The router didn't move for last 2 years, same place before and after the issue. Also I checked the different network around and choose the best available. And this is the issue, the router doesn't take properly the setting that I want. I need to reboot it or to try 4 times. I have 2 RUTX11 in 2 different houses and the wifi 5G is not working properly at both locations ... That's why I wrote on this website.

I'm currently using 5G and 2.4G at the same time. I am going to try to Avoid channels 52-144 and see if it helps.

If not, I'll try to downgrade and see if it's better and I will let you know.

by anonymous


Here we go, I've restarted the router and I lost the Wifi 5G. Here is what I get in the WebUi:

Sometimes I need to change the channel to Auto, put it back to the best Channel and it comes back. Pretty weird issue. I'll try to downgrade and see if it's better.